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The Keys To SFI Success

Here is a familiar story-line: One network marketer gets started in a business, goes after it with all their might, struggles, gets frustrated, and eventually quits. Another networker gets started in the same business, goes after it with all their might, and succeeds like crazy. 

Why does one struggle and one succeed? Why does one achieve their dreams, while the other struggles? There are three keys to growing any team. You can have someone working REALLY hard, who is spending a lot of time working their business, but if they aren’t focusing on these three keys their business will suffer, and maybe even ultimately fail. Here they are: 

Lead Generation Systems:

It’s a given that every networker needs a steady stream of qualified, interested leads that they can market to. If they don’t have good leads, nothing else is going to happen.

Most networkers try to go after their friends and family as “leads” and this ultimately leads to stagnation in their team. The reason is clear – there are only so many friends and family members to go around, and continuing to chase them after they have given you an answer is usually a waste of time and energy. 

If you don’t have a lead generation system that is bringing you qualified, interested leads, it will be hard to ever get any real traction with your business. 

SFI places new affiliates under you as CSAs each month once you hit and maintain the required rank of Executive Affiliate and above.

Sorting Systems:

Rejection is one of the biggest problems in this industry. Many networkers spend a tremendous amount of time with a prospect without bothering to qualify them. They then take it personally when a prospect says NO and decides not to join their business. 

You can definitely successfully “pound the pavement” and grow a business this way, but it takes a heavy emotional toll on the networker and time. It’s tough to face rejection after rejection, day after day. Very few can handle this.

This is why we HIGHLY suggest you implement systems that take some of the pain and rejection out of the process. These types of systems set you up for long-term success, and protect you from getting burned out and frustrated with the very prospects you’re trying to help! Those who just don't see that they actually NEED to be in the business! 

The whole goal of network marketing is leverage – leveraging time, leveraging capital, leveraging the efforts of others. If you don’t have a good Duplication System in place, you’ll just replace your downline every month or two. Your team will stagnate, growth will halt, and you’ll start to feel like you have a J-O-B rather than a business. 

Most networking companies offer their “easy” duplication system, which basically boils down to chasing friends and family. That is an easy thing to do, at least for a while. And that’s part of the problem – a duplication system doesn’t have to be easy in order to work. This flies in the face of much of the oft repeated mantra that a system must be easy to duplicate, otherwise people won’t do it. That’s not true. 

Duplication Systems:
LAZY PEOPLE require an easily dupicatable system, or they won’t do it. They want success handed to them on a silver platter, with a side of fries and an extra-large coke. SERIOUS business builders just need to see a system that works. They understand that success is earned, and they’re willing to earn it. 

Growing a business is never easy. Much of the shenanigans in this industry go back to the original promise that a distributor is given upon enrollment into an opportunity. Many distributors are told that growing their business will be a piece of cake; that they don’t need to learn anything or really even do anything…except sign up. This is just not the case. 

SFI offers a wealth of daily training and resources to all affiliates free of charge. Much of the SFI information at our disposal can be immediately put to great use by each affiliate and by their downline.

SFI marketing group is a home business that anyone
in the world can get involved in for free.